What if it is possible to achieve deep meditation, regardless of your concentration difficulty?

And every minute of your practice is converted to cash donations to the institutions that support social causes , without spend your money?

* Pre-launch, coming soon to app stores

halpp.me is coming!

halpp.me is a free meditation app, which uses the sound of drum beats , to activate specific mental states, stimulated by binaural frequencies .

In addition, we will convert every minute of practice to cash donations to institutions that support social causes around the world. And you can already be part of our history, supporting us on Catarse:


Meditation with Drum

The drum was not a random choice, it is one of the first instruments that human beings discovered from contact with the sounds of nature .

Listening to the drum beat gives a significant improvement in concentration , relaxation and quality of sleep .

Improves quality of life

In addition to inducing the meditative state , this frequency also increases creativity and focus , promoting synchronization of cerebral hemispheres , relaxing your body and decreasing the flow of thoughts, making you get rid of stress, tension and anxiety.

Data Intelligence

At halpp.me the mantras will be recommended according to the user's profile analysis, based on the data obtained by the algorithms identifying the specific binaural frequency , providing a unique experience to each practice performed.

How does it work?

~ 1 ~

halpp.me will recommend the most suitable mantra for your practice with data science.

~ 2 ~

Before you start, you will get to know the partner company that is offering the meditation.

~ 3 ~

Adjust the headphones, relax and follow the instruction on breathing technique to start your practice

~ 4 ~

At the end of each practice, halpp.me converts the meditated minutes, to cash donation to partner entities.

~ 5 ~

Therefore, the longer your meditation for halpp.me, the greater is your contribution to a better world.

Be part of the launch

halpp.me is in the pre-launch phase and invites you to receive exclusive content to access healing through drum meditation.

* Pre-launch, coming soon to app stores

Binaural Frequencies

The binaural frequencies are sounds or beats that we hear in different oscillations, one for each ear, synchronizing the functioning of the left and right brain, producing a sensation of a third sound called binaural beat

It is important to note that the practice is preferably done with headphones , so that you have access to all benefits in a balanced way.

How does it work?

For example, if a frequency of 90 Hz arrives in the right ear and another of 94 Hz arrives in the left ear, a binaural beat b> of 4 Hz is created by the brain. Brain waves tend to match up, following binaural beat .

Science explains

Sound capable of altering the behavior of the brain was discovered in 1839 by the German scientist Heinrich Wilhelm Dove. He found that when signals of two different frequencies are presented separately - one for each ear - the brain detects the variation of phase and tries to reconcile this difference, synchronizing the functioning of the left and right hemispheres. This results in therapeutic gains.

Each sound frequency is responsible for different therapeutic benefits . For example, improved memory, improved concentration and focus, improved productivity, relaxation, among others. The frequencies access the subconscious human and thus put you in a meditative state , quieting your mind completely.

Therefore, when the two hemispheres of our brain are in sync, all of our brain cells operate at maximum flow , and thus increase blood flow in the region. such as concentration , memory , relaxation , among others.

Why“ halpp.me ”?

halpp is the mixture of the words help (help) + app (application). It is pronounced like the English word < i> help , and the inspiration for the name came from the band The Beatles , which comes from the mixture of the words beat (beat) + beetles (beetles).

Reinforcing the message of using meditation as a healing tool, promoting love for others through donations.

Non-profit project

halpp.me is a non-profit project and the donation report will be published periodically on the official page. 100% of the advertising revenue collected will be donated to social causes.

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About the Project

halpp.me is a non-profit project that supports the causes of: nature preservation, indigenous peoples, veganism (protection of animals) and ancestral philosophies, which promote meditation on love and music, as healing tools.

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