Collaborate is a non-profit project, formed by a team of young people who dream of a more supportive and eco-sustainable world.

The project maintains 4 pillars with social values, established as project premises and establishes partnerships with NGOs that are at the forefront of the causes of people in situations of vulnerability , of protection and preservation for peoples indigenous peoples, protection of the environment and protection of animals.

All income collected from the spaces sold within the app will be donated to partner NGOs.

How can I help?

Be part of our history

We work to create a real and positive impact on people's mental health and on the lives of partners, who also want to contribute to a better world. is in Catarse and you can already contribute with any value, being part of our history, helping us to spread meditation, love and music, as healing tools.

I have a company, and I want to support

We invite you to bring your company and strengthen this fight against the pandemic. We offer exclusive spaces to promote the brand of our partners in different formats.

Our subscribers are looking for self-knowledge, inner peace and mental balance. Always on the cutting edge of science and technology, they are looking for a safe tool to access more balanced mental states and more peaceful nights of sleep. They are special people who, like you, want a better world.


When will the App be launched?
Our team has been working to make the app available at the beginning of the second half of 2020. Sign up for our pre-launch list to receive news.
Where does my donation go?
The contributions will be transferred to registered institutions that have an affinity with the causes of We will publish the donation report periodically on our page with the list of all benefited institutions.
Where will the partners' logo be at?
During the pre-launch period, we offer space in our newsletter, in the partners area of ​​the website and in mentions on social networks. After the launch, we will open spaces for sponsoring meditations with exclusive packages for partners. Contact us to order our media kit.
How and when will the donation report be published?
The donation report will be published on our page periodically, according to the volume of contributions received. Our method is transparency, we will also disclose to our subscribers, the destination of all resources organized by segments, facilitating the understanding of each donation.
Who supports is exempt from tax?
Partner companies that make contributions can consult the tax legislation in their region to find out if this tax benefit exists.

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About the Project is a non-profit project that supports the causes of: nature preservation, indigenous peoples, veganism (protection of animals) and ancestral philosophies, which promote meditation on love and music, as healing tools.

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Does your company identify with this purpose and with the values ​​of ? Help us transform the world through meditation, bring your brand and strengthen that idea

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The app is already on the Catarse, a crowdfounding platform and you can now collaborate.